Greener dementia behaviour support in the hands of every carer

The Virtual Dementia Behaviour Support Clinic

The Dementia Behaviour Support Clinic – a specialist, virtual clinic, accessible anywhere, anytime for carers of people experiencing severe behaviour associated with dementia.

  • Providing highly tailored advice to address the underlying cause of behaviour and focus on non-pharmacological approaches including social prescribing.
  • Offering a low-carbon, self-service escalation point for carers, and reducing unnecessary use of primary, secondary and crisis services.
  • Preliminary forecasts show a significant potential to de-carbonise existing pathways.

Delivered by HammondCare

A global organisation which promotes quality dementia care through research, evaluation, practice, education, and consultancy. In Australia, HammondCare is an established provider of ground-breaking service and delivers a national programme funded by the Australian Government, Dementia Support Australia (DSA). Since 2016, this program has provided support to more than 90% of care homes and:

  • Reduced behaviour associated with dementia by at least 61%.
  • Reduced carer distress by at least 67%.
  • Saved at least $17.7m in downstream costs (FY19/20).

Now established in the UK as an SME, we want to build on this success, with MyPathway Solutions1, a trusted NHS technology provider.

1MyPathway Solutions delivers a range of clinic services to the NHS. For example, the Musculoskeletal Disorders Outpatients Clinic at Sheffield Teaching Hospital, which achieved a 66% sign-up rate. Pathway cost @43p per patient. Clinic costs were reduced by 40%.

The Opportunity

We are developing the Dementia Behaviour Support Clinic2 which aims, not only to be a powerful tool for managing dementia behaviours and symptoms, but to achieve this with a minimal carbon footprint. Our app will help carers to identify the reasons behind dementia behaviours and psychological symptoms, providing in-the-moment, personalised support, education, and resources to respond to them effectively. With the potential for reduced hospitalisations, efficient use of healthcare resources, improved medication experiences, and enhanced caregiver wellbeing, our app aims to save costs and improve outcomes.

By putting immediate and accessible virtual information and support into the hands of carers, we can target our in-person services and support. The Dementia Behaviour Support Clinic helps to minimise travel, staff and resource use and reduce carbon emissions by providing the right advice to carers and targeting in-person assistance to when its needed. This makes it an ideal solution for Integrated Care Boards and Primary Care Networks that want to prioritise both patient care and environmental sustainability targets.

We are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. By choosing our app, you can contribute to a greener future while delivering proven in practice, high-quality dementia support. Join us in this mission today. We want to connect with Health and Social Care networks with an interest in co-designing and piloting the Virtual Dementia Behaviour Support Clinic.

Contact Dr Julie Christie for more information.

2Funded by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare is an NHS England Accelerated Access Collaborative programme managed by LGC Group and supported by the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Patients to benefit from 18 pioneering innovations that also accelerate a greener NHS | SBRI Healthcare

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